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Mobile surveillance

How to survey large or varying areas? Stationary CCTV cameras provide already a lot of information. However, it’s highly expensive to cover every area and hence mainly the critical areas are covered. That leaves areas uncovered. Furthermore, these camera’s are mainly at known locations and hence avoidable and vulnerable.

Our mobile surveillance system integrates cameras of almost all vendors and supports analogue and digital camera systems. Furthermore, other sensor data, like GPS, gun-shut detection, fire-alerts, etc. can be integrated.  Images are recorded while driving, boating, or flying, and integrated with existing CCTV systems. This way, a much higher coverage of the surveillance area is reached and not all camera’s are located at know positions anymore, making it much harder to avoid them.

Our solution provides functionality to stream live data to a central command center. Furthermore, snapshots (pictures or movies) can be taken and send to smart phones of security staff around for immediate intervention.

As all video data is recorded, offline measurements can also be performed. For instance, road surveys can easily be carried out driving along the road at normal speed, recording the data, while the data is analyzed later on at the office. This significantly increases the safety of the inspectors and improves the quality of the analysis.


“Mobile surveillance significantly increases the coverage of your surveillance area at lower cost.”

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