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Track & trace

What or who is where at which time? That is the key-question answered by our solution.

There are many different ways to track inventory items and persons inside buildings. We offer both passive and active RFID products. The choice for the product depends on your organization, requirements and envisaged goals.

Active and passive RFID have one thing in common: both need to be integrated into your IT-infrastructure in order to access and use information on the tracked items and persons. And that’s exactly what we add.

Integrating the RFID and Bluetooth low-energy components, we deliver:

  • Asset management
    Provides you with real-time location information on every asset tracked and the opportunity to optimize available assets on actual usage.
  • CCTV Integration
    Combines the location information with security alerting. As soon as a tagged item enters or leaves a particular area, the corresponding CCTV image will be highlighted and security alerted.
  • Time registration
    Employees carrying an RFID integrated batch, will automatically be registered upon entrance and leaving. Attendance time is logged and stored; time sheets can be generated automatically.
  • Customer presence
    Registration of presence of customers or conference attendees.
  • Warehouse management
    Keeps track of the exact amount of stock items as well as their exact location in real-time.


“With the Tinotech track & trace solutions, you know who or what is where at which time, anytime you want.

Using cutting edge technology, we track and trace your assets, inventory, employees, or visitors.” 

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