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Looking for a cost-effective software implementation?

Do you want to reduce the costs of your software development, maintenance, or support? We provide best-cost development, maintenance and support, via our software development center in Davao-city, the Philippines.

Our software development center is specialized in the development, maintenance, and support of web application software. Whether the application is a social media site, online game, or a critical part of your business process, our team is capable of developing and maintaining it.

Due to our location, the Philippines, we can significantly cut development and maintenance costs. And there’s no need to bother you with Philippine legislation and culture. Engineering can be contracted via our offices in the Netherlands and Germany, keeping legislation to respectively Dutch and German. The development center is headed by a combination of Philippine and Dutch nationals.

Social media site

For a Dutch company, a social media site has been developed by the development center. The site is cloud based and built to allow huge number of users to be online at the same time.

Online game

For another Dutch customer, a new massively multi-player online-game has been developed. This game has been deployed in the cloud and build to accommodate huge number of players to be online at the same time.

Data logging

This customer has already a software system to log data from energy (electricity, gas) meters. Our development team in the Philippines carries out maintenance, and the implementation of new features.


“Via the Software Development Center in the Philippines, Tinotech can significantly reduce your software development and maintenance costs.

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