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Want to sell your products or services abroad?

We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to be a value-adding reseller for your IT-related products and services in the Netherlands, Germany, and the Philippines.

All our sales activities are carried out by experienced sales staff, mainly native speakers with an engineering background and solid knowledge of the local markets, legislation, and culture. They understand both the needs of the customers and the technologies to provide the right solutions.

We provide full customer solutions, not just off the shelf products. Local engineers can support the installation, service, and maintenance. Furthermore, off-site integration activities can be handled by our development center in the Philippines.

Track & Trace

In the Philippines we resell a Track & Trace system from a Dutch vendor. This system uses RFID and Bluetooth Low-Energy technology to achieve high accurate location information of goods and people.

We arrange local sales in the Philippines, as well as installation and service. Furthermore, our development team in the Philippines implements the integration of the system in various environments and for various customers, like hospitals, fruit exporters, and manufacturing companies.

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance software is a Dutch product and is marketed by us in the Philippines. The software suite is used to combine data from various camera systems, as well as other sensors like GPS, gunshot-detectors, fire-detectors, etc.  This system is amongst others used by the Dutch police and many infrastructure related organizations and government departments.

We provide local sales, as well as support and maintenance and, when needed, full system integration.

Energy Management

For a Dutch company, we have supported the sales of an energy management system for decentralized energy production units in Germany.  This system optimizes the local energy production with respect to the consumption, and can bundle large fleets of decentralized energy production units into a virtual power plant.


“Tinotech is a value-adding reseller for the Netherlands, Germany, and the Philippines.

We sell your product and offer local service, support, maintenance and integration.”

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